Ángela Posada Swafford

Science, environment & exploration writer, podcaster, lecturer. Science diplomacy. Education. Journalism. NatGeo. MIT Knight Fellow. Spanish and English.


Award-winning science and exploration writer/podcaster/oped columnist/producer/book author/lecturer. Trainer of science journalists, faculties, researchers, and academic communication offices. Guest lecturer, Senior science correspondent US correspondent for several publications. Author «Hielo: bitacora de una expedicionaria antartica», a logbook that explores my 6 expeditions to Antarctica, 2018, Editorial Planeta Colombia. Lectures on Science Diplomacy among embassies.

Author, «Juntos en la Aventura»​ (Together in Adventure), a series of 15 novels for young adults on exploration, adrenaline and science, being read in schools throughout Colombia. The books entertain and also educate in several areas of science and the scientific process. They have been translated into Mandarin for schools in China. Published by Planeta Lector, Colombia, Grupo Planeta.

Winner of the 2017 Simon Bolivar Journalism Prize, Colombia’s top journalism award. Category: Interview.

Co-chair of the Miami 2011 Conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists, SEJ (www.sej.org), which broke attendance records with over 900 participants from all media platforms, and a host of top scientists and environmental celebrities, including a memorable reunion of the entire Cousteau family for the first time in decades.

Former Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald features editor & reporter, and Opinion Editorial pages environmental columnist. Food Editor.

Has researched, written, field produced and field narrated science, environment & exploration documentaries for TV and radio, including Discovery and NPR’s Living on Earth.

Has written science and exploration features for New Scientist, WIRED, Astronomy, National Geographic en Espanol, Boston Globe, others.

Specialties: Space, planetary sciences, Antarctic and polar issues, astrophysics, particle physics, astronomy, astrobiology, biodiversity, paleontology, archaeology, geology & earth sciences, ocean issues, polar sciences. Latin America science and environment issues. History of exploration in general.